Thursday, 29 March 2007

Melewati Hari-hari Terakhir

    Minggu terakhir pembelajaran tidak sempat dinikmati sepenuhnya oleh penulis lantaran kesibukkan yang melanda bagaikan tiada noktahnya. Dalam pada menyiapkan pembetulan tesis untuk proses submit yang seterusnya sebelum viva, penulis sempat disergah oleh test pada hari semalam seterusnya membuatkan tumpuan penulis terhadap tesis tergendala buat beberapa ketika. Bagaimanapun, semuanya telahpun  pulih seperti sediakala, malahan memberikan suatu impak yang baru apabila penulis hanya berkesempatan untuk berhirbenasi beberapa jam sahaja di kamar. Layanan yang diberikan oleh printer pihak berwajib juga adalah kurang memuaskan disebabkan ketaksamarataan dan pilih kasih dalam pencetakan antara hitam putih dan warna. Muka surat berwarna telah didiskriminasi dengan teruk apabila tiada satu pun yang berjaya melepasi printer dalam keadaan yang sempurna. Hal ini telah berjaya membuatkan penulis terfikir untuk berunding dengan pengusaha cc yang telah sedia menanti di deretan kedai di sungai dua. Walaubagaimanapun, parameter kos yang terlibat akan tetap dipantau bagi mengelakkan sebarang fluktuasi yang tak diingini dari berlaku.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Your Creation


In the middle of the dark
I saw millions of star
Emitting lights
And twinkling
How mystery
Your creation

Across the sea
At an island
With the daylight
The water was very bright
I could see the coral at the
How mystery
Your creation

Early morning
As the sun shining
To a hill
That’s blanketed by the fog
The reflected, refracted and
scattered light
Just like a dream
How mystery
Your creation

On that day
I saw her
And the light that emitted from the both eyes
How mystery
Your creation

Sunday, 18 March 2007

An Evening Story

     After a simple YM session, I shut down the computer and grabbed out my helmet. The destination was somewhere in the south-east part of the island. It's been a while I never reach there since the last month. The time was around a couple of minute after half past six. But it was kind of dark at the outside as I could saw the dark cloud coming from the east. There were lots of people kayaking in the Harapan Lake. I went to the motorcycle parking lot and took out my PEN 2391. I don't have much time and must reach back before quarter past 7. I made a sudden change in speed until 0km/h, halted by the red light at the Sunny Point junction. While waiting, I received a phone call from somebody, asking about the tuition class on the night. I nearly forget about that. Thanks. But the destination still waits for me, I guess. I bet I could get back to the campus as I planned. From the east, there still the dark cloud running to the west.
     I turned right after the light turns green. Seems like the rain may falls in any minutes. I felt chilled since the temperature of the air dropped down. There were no sun appear, blocked by the thick dark cloud. It was dark, but I still could saw some of the lights. As the people say, every cloud has the silver line. Maybe they were right. I saw the silver color, plus by some effect, the golden spot as well. The wind blow across the street, brings together a massive strike of golden leafs. The golden leafs was all around. Some of them chasing the car that passed by. Then left on the middle of the road, waiting for another wind that could make they live again and again.
I reached the destination on 6.41 pm. There were two giant flying objects waiting at the terminal for loading and unloading procedure. The wind was very strong. I stood up beside a bougainvillea plant, opened my arms wide, feeling the taste of the wind blowing. And this is the first time I hold this experience over here. It was very nice.
     I left the place and rushed to go back to campus without noticing that there was a big obstacle waiting for me a few meters ahead. From a very tiny drop of water, it turns to a heavy downpour within a minute. The tuition class made me has no excuse to stop. With half of my body was wet at the front side while at the back side it was dry, I reached the campus before 7.30 p.m.


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