Thursday, 11 June 2009


I learned that lots of people will go home for this summer. Some of 'em will doing it for good. Data collection reason as for the other one. And the rest are just doing it to bring themselves to home. Place where their heart's belong. That's what I thought. Probably the same thought as everybody else here. I guess.

Some people go home once in a while. Some people always wanted to go home, but because of some reason, did't get the chance. And believe me, I got a friend who I knew, book ticket each couple of month and got himself into the plane on one or two week after. You name the airlines, MAS, KLM, Emirates, even Sri Lankan Airlines. There are chances that he had boarded the planes.

For those who had the plan, I hope they'll have a good and safe journey. Especially for those close to me. Both of my neighbours at the Blackness Street, the family at the Seymour Street, peoples of the Peddie Street. People in Durham, Bristol and all other place across the UK, US and around the globe. May the grace of The Almighty God always be with you.

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Amri said...

Do I know that friend you are talking about?

Machina said...

I might say yes, but I think it's better to let it be unknown.

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