Wednesday, 30 May 2007

My Life at Jalan Pekeliling

There's a lot of story that I left to tell. I was too busy, even for myself. Since I'm coming back from Hinex '07, I stayed at Harapan, alone, and with 3 other unknown Arabian. In an empty block, that's the place where my life as post-student begin. I got a (temporary)job at a palce so called the biggest cum the longest mall in the northern region. Job that require me to deal with the people, and the money as well.

But I gotta quit. I have something that's more important to deal. It need more intention from me. Then I just choose a part time job that will begin on early of June. Job that only deal with the school kids.

It was 27 May 2007. The day which My Life at Jalan Pekeliling begin. I have a better life now. With some other housemates, loneliness now is no longer a matter.

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