Thursday, 20 March 2008

Nobel Lectures

I felt very gratitude. Living on this piece of
land far far away from my home always offers me chances that I wouldn’t found
somewhere else. There are two public lectures addressed by Professor Zhores
Alferov, a Nobel Prize laureate, back in year 2000.

It is not easy to have the
chance to hear a speech, or even to see alive and move in front of you. However,
still, I went there not because he’s the Nobel laureate, indeed he’s physicist.
I might think twice or even thrice if his background is in chemistry or biology.
And might not consider at all if the prize is in economy or peace.

The first
lecture yesterday is about Albert Einstein and the Development of Quantum
while the second lecture today is about Is Solar Energy
Conversion an Option to Solve Energy Problem in the Future
. On my point of
view, the first lecture is much more interesting although I’m facing a problem
to control myself from ‘terlentok’.

Both of the lecture last only an
hour, which I found time effective management is applied here, where the message
is delivered, short and simple.



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